R is for…

A rebec is a medieval stringed instrument resembling a violin and lute.

A recorder is often the first wind instrument a child learns to play.  Recorders have a reputation for being squeaky and out-of-tune.  This is unfortunate.  Played well they sound clear and tuneful.  There are some very good recorder consorts with players using instruments of various sizes.  Two I have been privileged to hear are Fontanella and Red Priest (Piers Adams).

An important word in music begins with R – rhythm.  It is not an instrument, but all music has a beat and notes of various lengths.  This is its rhythm.

10 thoughts on “R is for…

  1. I still practice playing the alto recorder from time to time. I am still using the one that I got at the age of ten or eleven.
    I like it that you have mentioned the recorder, Sue.


    • I started playing the alto recorder at the age of ten, but it belonged to my school. I didn’t play it again until I had children of my own!
      Thank you for commenting, Romi. I am enjoying your blog, but I find it very difficult to comment on other platforms.


  2. Hi Sue – sadly your second ‘R’ is where I fall down .. or did not inherit much wit of it .. such is life .. but despite that I love music .. cheers Hilary


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