J is for…

A jingle stick is a percussion instrument with pairs of metal discs which hit together as it is shaken. They resemble part of an instrument beginning with T. The well-known song Jingle bells used to confuse me.

Jingle is used as an adjective in jingle stick, but in jingle bells it is a verb. In fact it is the imperative form of the verb ordering the bells to jingle.

Another instrument beginning with J is the Jew’s harp.  Jew here may be a corruption of jaw.  It is held in the mouth and struck with a finger.

A juke box plays music, but cannot really be classed as a musical instrument.  Hasn’t technology changed?  Now there are i-pods and mp3-players small enough to carry around, which probably give their owner far more choice of tunes than a juke box, which takes up floor space!


6 thoughts on “J is for…

  1. My daughter owns a Jaw Harp and plays it quite effectively and she has played the jingle stick with the percussion section of her school band. it is also known as the mendoza or monkey stick amongst other names. The letter J is proving to be a very informative one. 🙂

    see you in K…



  2. Hi Sue .. I’ve leant my Music reference book out … so I cannot intelligently remotely add to your I or J posts .. but fascinating to read Cecilia’s comment about the Jaw Harp and the Jingle Stick .. cheers Hilary


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