H is for…

Harps come in various sizes.  Orchestral ones are very big and no doubt inspired the comic song I took my harp to the party and nobody asked me to play.  (An old song, which gives an example of how the meanings of words alter even within living memory.) There are smaller ones, which are used in folk music.  Often these are played in groups.

A harpsichord is a keyboard instrument on which the strings are plucked by a plectrum. A hurdy-gurdy is a mechanical instrument otherwise known as a barrel-organ.

A harmonium is a sort of organ with pedals to pump the air. It is not to be confused with a harmonica, which will make an appearance for letter M, or a glass harmonica mentioned in the post for G.

A horn may be a hunting horn made from an animal’s horn, a cor anglais or French horn.

Humdrum is neither humming (singing with the lips closed) nor a drum.  It means ordinary.

Harps are mentioned in the psalms including Psalm 149:3

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  1. I love the inclusion of “humdrum.” It reminds me of a Mike Myers’ “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” sketch: “Humdrum is neither humming nor a drum. Discuss.”
    Visiting from A to Z ~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.


  2. Cute theme you have for A/Z. While I don’t play any instruments, my husband/family do and we have our assortment of guitars and a few harmonicas. I think if I was to play an instrument, the harp looks somewhat graceful to do so, but I’m sure it does take talent to play it.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!



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