D is for…

There are lots of sorts of drum.  A drum kit includes a few of them.  A double bass has been mentioned for letter B.  If words fascinate you as they do me, doldrums are not musical instruments at all, but an area of the ocean or a mental or emotional state.

A didgeridoo is a wind instrument from Australia. If you say didgeridoo in a deep voice it sounds a bit like one. Not all didgeridoos are the same size. As with all instruments, the larger the instrument, the lower the pitch.  (That is the deeper the sound, not any other meaning of pitch.)

Daniel (of lions’ den fame) had friends who refused to respond to a musical signal involving many instruments including drums.  They were expected to bow down to the statue of a god or face the consequences.  Daniel 3:20-29


14 thoughts on “D is for…

  1. Hi Sue .. the Didgeridoo is a fascinating instrument – helpful for Apnea … I found that out a few years ago and posted about it … and then of course drums were the early signal for calling armies to muster, to dinner etc .. The Daniel quote is interesting too ..

    Music and instruments .. so many stories to tell .. cheers Hilary


  2. Funny story about drums: I purchased a starter kit for my husband a few years back and the guy at the music store tried to convince me to pay an extra $100 for him to put them together for me. He was not aware that I’m an industrial instrument technician who maintains and rebuilds enormous valves for a living. I had the drum kit together in about fifteen minutes. lol


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