How Google+ may help A to Z challenge participants

Google+, Facebook and Twitter are three of the tools available to bloggers (and others) to promote their work.

I learned about Facebook and Twitter before I joined, but Google+ has been a different experience for me. WordPress encourages bloggers to publicise their posts using Google+. Once I had a Google account, I decided to try this. It was quite complicated to set up, but I managed. As a result each of my posts on Sue’s Trifles generates a post (like a Facebook status) on Google+. The only trouble is nobody sees it even though it is publicly visible!  (It also puts your name (from Google+) on your blog in place of your WordPress username, which may be an issue for some people.)

After a while I realised that the way to draw the links on Google+ to anyone’s attention is to join various communities and share the posts with them. The most useful community in this context is the Blogging from A to Z in April Community.

Sharing a post in this way allows the addition of a personalised comment with the post. This makes my use of Google+ similar to the way I already alert people to my new posts on Facebook and Twitter, where I have not activated the WordPress publicise to post automatically.

It is slightly easier to share a link which is already posted on Google+, although I am sure it would be possible to post links manually to Google+, just as I do for Facebook and Twitter.

Do you use Google+?

What are your hints and tips?

13 thoughts on “How Google+ may help A to Z challenge participants

  1. Thanks, Sue. I tweeted this. I don’t get google+ at all, though I have it. I’m getting better at social media. I made a Life is Good fb page, and need to get better at using it, and I’ve been active on twitter promoting the A-Z and enjoying the Thursday chats. They are 1 pm EST and 8pm EST on Thursdays. Always fun. It would be great if you could tweet and fb about those!
    Can’t wait for April! Just a few more days!!!
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014


  2. This an informative post,
    Yes, we need to promote our posts thru these social sites,
    I use G+ the share button provided at my page automatically
    takes it to the G+ pages.
    Have a happy weekend and a profitable blogging time at A to Z page
    I am here via Tina’s twitter notification.
    Thanks Tina for the share
    Good day.


  3. Thanks for the helpful post! I’m having a hard time with sharing on G+; it seems like sometimes posts are public, and sometimes they get shared only to certain circles…I really need to figure it out more. I like the idea of having a page for my blog on Google+, just like I do on Facebook. Anyway, thanks for sharing! 😀


  4. Hi Sue – I’m a non-starter with social media – but know I’ll get there sometime. However with G+ the thing I find really irritating and relevant to the A-Z is some people just publicize other videos, articles, posts, etc they’ve seen – and then you can’t find their blogpost .. which just wastes time ..

    Always interesting to read .. and to see Twitter working with Phil coming over .. cheers Hilary


  5. I loooooove Google Plus. I don’t use FB at all anymore for link sharing.

    For anyone who is interested in learning more about G+, there is a great community called, ‘Fabulous Bloggers’. It has a lot of tutorials and a lot of us have come over from FB and stayed 🙂


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