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I remember a sugar mouse with string for a tail. It was far too pretty to eat!  Now was it white or was it pink?

In the end Mum talked me into eating it. I think she was tired of seeing it lying around gathering dust – or perhaps it was wrapped and the wrapper was dusty, I don’t remember.

I had been given it at school as a reward for a piece of writing I had done. As far as I remember, we had been read a story and asked to write it down from memory. I have only the vaguest recollection of this episode – I was about six years old. As far as I remember it was a story with a happy outcome and the final line was, “What a good thing!”

Aged ten years I persuaded a friend to produce more than one issue (but only a single copy) of a magazine for our school. We raided other publications for nature stories, made up our own puzzles and in those days long before computers did our cutting and pasting with scissors and glue. At that time my favourite subjects were English and nature study.

Somehow English and writing became a means to an end as I learned other subjects at my next school. There was one girl in our class, who excelled at English. I never got the hang of what was required to be a top student in English Language or Literature.

It didn’t prevent me from writing for other subjects and in other situations. Now I write blog posts, book reviews, emails and occasional poems among other things.

The Weekly writing prompt, which I used for this post is here.



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