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 A new blogger asked for help to put the A to Z badge on her sidebar.

I use a text widget for this.  As long as you are able to copy and paste, these instructions should work.

From the dashboard select appearance and then widgets.

In the text widget, choose a title, such as Blogging from A to Z.

Then in the text box  copy and paste the following HTML to give the badge with a link to A to Z (I hope!)

<a href=””><img alt=”” src=”; title=”AtoZ April Challenge” /></a>


The text widget may be positioned in a prominent position using drag and drop. 

I wrote an earlier post, Murphy’s law again, where I described the problems I was having putting links to the letters on my posts.

I have now discovered a way of doing this without having to copy them to my media library. (I hope it doesn’t cause anything to crash!)

What I have done is, at the point in my post where I wish the letter to appear, to switch from visual to text and to paste the link to the letter.

For B this is

Links may be copied by right clicking on the image.

The complete list is:-

Although not all the links seem to be displayed in full, right clicking on them and selecting copy shortcut allows the entire link to be copied.

I hope this is of some assistance to my readers in general and A to Z ers in particular.

It has solved my problem of what to write about today!


17 thoughts on “Tips for new bloggers from A to Z on

  1. Hi Sue .. I can see that will be very useful to many .. I’m very untechnical and must get with it sometime soon … I need to work the signature link thing out – but I’ve got a couple of websites to go to for that.

    Good for you .. for helping us all out – cheers Hilary


    • I don’t always find that the signature is accepted. I have it saved in a word document from last year. Some blogger blogs throw it out and I end up typing in the hyperlink instead – if I can be bothered! Twitter is easier than comment threads. 😉


  2. Thanks Sue – it does seem that a lot of the A to Z blogs and advice is geared for those who use blogger, so any tips for WordPress participants are appreciated! Cheers, marci 🙂


  3. Nice job, Sue. Thanks.
    Here’s feedback on the AtoZ banner, an issue which already may be fixed: It does not link to AtoZ info pages as the badge does. I easily jerry-rigged it for that purpose on my Blogger blog so probably the same is true on WordPress.


    • Thanks for commenting. I have a policy of changing names in comments, when the original comment has referred to another blogger as if he/she were the originator of my post! Maybe Arlee or one of the co-hosts will see the feedback left here. It would be more appropriate on the badges page. Sue


  4. Hi Sue,
    This is amazing!
    I really missed it!
    I try to download from other pages,
    by a search. sometime that is a time waste to search.
    but sadly sometimes it won’t work
    and then I drag it and save it.
    This is really an easy method.
    At least now i found this informative post
    almost at the fag end of the challenge LOL
    Thanks for sharing this.
    May you have a wonderful and profitable and blessed weekend
    Best Regards


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