Blogiversary and even more daily blogging

This is the seventh post in my summary of this blog so far.  It is presented to you, dear reader, on the 1st anniversary of Sue’s Trifles.  The Daily Prompt continues to feature frequently.

Quirk of habit irritating habits?

Golden Globes: American Hustle wins three awards A prompt about the headlines; I picked awards.

Ripped from the headlines Reminiscences prompted by another headline.

Polite company What may we discuss?

Toot, toot! Problem-solving was my response when asked to blow my own trumpet.

In a crisis how do I respond?

What I am knitting

10 things to do in a power cut

Sweet sixteen  – my memories of that bygone age!

Plan B a lunchtime post for the Weekly writing challenge.

Mirror, mirror (2) Does my appearance match my personality?

Eighteen months of blogging on Sue’s considered trifles

Judge it by the cover! The blurb to my WIP (progress, what progress?)

What do you know? An invitation for me to teach my readers something.

Music and me

Twenty six a prompt which allowed me to publicise the A to Z challenge

Obstacles to progress in life.

From another point of view how did others see me?

Living in the present A writing exercise in the present tense

Age a verse in response to another prompt

Burnt to a cinder  – what would I regret losing in a fire?

News about the UK Blog Awards – before the shortlist was announced.

Yet another string to my bow More social media

The shortlist is out for the UK Blog awards.

Stardom a prompt about working in film, which I turned into a crafty post.

Call me, maybe about communication.

Time to Talk Day about mental health awareness

Health and health provision

Neighbours (not the TV soap)

A to Z 2014 again more about the challenge

Who is my reader?

Whoa! a surreal experience

All about trifle

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

Cupid’s arrow A post about love.

Proud  – a prompt about others being proud of us.

What time is it? Another writing prompt with a sentence to include.


Far from normal how I dress in winter


New sensation a daily prompt about fashion.

New Year’s resolutions revisited

A good day

A giant step About starting to blog

Twelfth birthday (mine)

Shrivel or grow A response to Sound Eagle’s word of the day.

Band or banned? my musical experiences

Murphy’s Law why things go wrong

Murphy’s law again and a technical enquiry

Chain gang was a prompt about jobs we dislike

Always something there to remind me – musical memories

The family home as it was before modernisation.

I upgraded my laptop against all the odds

Ash Wednesday

A book review for World Book Day

Women’s days and craziness  – perhaps this should have been divided into two posts!

Careless whisper a prompt about regretting our words.

If I were mayor… …sooner not!

The heat is on -turned down to low! about dealing with pressure.

Never surrender about stubbornness.

To leave or not to leave? The prompt asked what bloggers had recently considered leaving and their decision.

You’re rambling! A catchphrase gave me free rein.

U-turn Something I changed my mind about and an announcement about blogs I am following for the A to Z challenge

Surprise pudding another cooking mistake

I believe my blog’s anniversary is not far off my first summary post with a daily prompt thrown in for good measure

Lingering longer a daily prompt

That’s impossible!  a controversial post

What Sue wrote – wandering happily a second summary post combined with a daily prompt.

More of what Sue wrote 3rd summary post

All is revealed was for a blog hop when A to Z participants were invited to reveal their themes for the challenge.

Stranded – another daily prompt combined with a 4th summary of my blog so far.

Wherein Sue began to blog daily 5th summary post

Thank you for reading!  The next few posts will be surprises, then we’re off on the big Blog Hop – Blogging from A to Z in April.  If you missed my theme reveal it was four days ago.