Wherein Sue began to blog daily

This is the fifth summary post for this blog.  I had begun to blog each day before the Blog Every Day in November challenge began.

Fear a daily prompt post which resonated with me.

Changing seasons As it was autumn I took a look at memorable dates for the rest of the year.

A statue in a strange land features my social life.

In the style of… …King David – a poem.

Childlike my Twitter verse

Blog Action Day – action for girls and slaves

The results are out for a writing competition I entered.

How to knit a cushion cover a knitting pattern for the cushion mentioned in an earlier post.

Raindrop race results describes the race between my two blogs to pass the next milestone number of followers.

Shakespeare and me (Part 1) I recounted my introduction to the plays of Shakespeare in two posts.

Shakespeare and me (Part 2)

Another string to my bow An explanation of my Twitter handle

Butterflies A post recalling my recent observations of the world about me.

Dawn This was a daily prompt about whether we are larks or owls.

Johari window Queen creative introduced me to another new concept with the prompt for the promptless

UK Blog awards 2014 I entered my blogs.  Regular readers will be aware of the saga!

My first day at school was in a different age!

Halloween treats is what I’d give out to visitors to my blog.

Introductions Blog every Day in November – please see link (in the menu) above for more posts

The first day of December has many associations.

Craft group in the Guinness Book of Records?  Surely not! This was unexpected.

Superpower I wrote the power of being able to appear or disappear at will in literature.

To be continued…