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This is my third summary post in view of my blog’s imminent anniversary.  Many of these posts were for the Daily Prompt.

Facebook – a necessary evil?

Birthday parties This is a more recent post about my childhood memories.

How I met a blogger I follow I really would like you to read this post.  The blogger in question is having all sort of adventures at present.

No doubt about it – I’m a logomaniac! (mad about words)

My biographer Links to my childhood memories and asks a question.

Mythological beasts for a prompt for the promptless includes book recommendations and fancy dress.

Holiday craft includes four projects in knitting and crochet.

The key to success was a post about blog statistics.  I tried to boost mine by linking to all the other daily prompters that day.  It had an effect, but now I do not link to any posts I have not read and enjoyed.  I apply the same policy to pingbacks.  If I have not had time to read a post I do not approve a pingback.

A year of blogging My first blog, Sue’s considered trifles, was one year old.  I thought it more appropriate to write about it here.

Qualia – a personal experience A new concept from prompt for the promptless jogged my memory.

Back to school was a daily prompt asking what we needed to learn.

Alphabetical challenge was another prompt I had fun with.

My year so far was a daily prompt, which led me to review my adventures in real life.

Collage was my response to a prompt for the promptless about DIY.

What makes you click? This post asked a question about readers’ habits.  It generated more comments than most posts.

A short history of two blogs I am beginning to think I am addicted to looking back!

I remember was a challenge to write for 10 minutes.

How can tomorrow affect today? Two posts after I claimed this blog is lighter than my other one, Rarasaur’s prompt for the promptless tempted me to write a more philosophical post!

Dull A poem

How do you deal with distractions from writing? This turned into a post about books on the Kindle app!  I must have been distracted previously and stored up ideas for writing.

Moved to tears is a book review.

Politically correct? My views here were well-received.  I wonder whether people are shy of on-line arguments?

Friendship was a post I wrote in response to a daily prompt about palmistry.

Too soon (or too late?) A discussion on humour with another joke.

Mirror, mirror This was for a prompt about our blogs being mirrors of ourselves.  I did another quick review and ended with an original rhyme.

Neologisms – a post about words, which were in the news.

Procrastination In which Sue coins a new word!

On an even keel was another daily prompt.  This was about maintaining a balance in life.

When was the last full moon? includes some messing about with words.  (Oops, I mean experimental writing!)

Schooldays Reminiscences led me back to words and US and UK English…

I say tomato… which I followed up for the next prompt.

Limericks Three limericks and a chance to vote.

These boots were made for walking and the places they have been!

The secret of success is not likes or follows… another prompt about blogging ambitions.

Only joking! A post about humour and links to some of my humorous posts.  Don’t laugh!

Knitting for fun More items I have knitted recently and a mention of the local flower show.

A day to remember A survey of my limited experience of meeting people from other cultures and an Indian wedding reception.

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