What Sue wrote – wandering happily

Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

by Krista on March 19, 2014

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

When it is a journey I have to make, I like everything planned in advance.  Once I have arrived at my destination each day’s activities may be planned at short notice.

My blogging journey at least here on Sue’s Trifles has been more spontaneous.  Most days I look at the Daily Prompt from WordPress before posting anything here.  If the Daily Prompt does not tempt me I look at 365 Days of writing prompts.  I also use that at busy times.  Sometimes I wish to write about different topics, which do not fit either of these.  This includes taking part in other blogging events, such as Blogging from A to Z in April, Blog Every Day in November (BEDN) which take me out of the Daily Prompt arena for a month at a time.  There are also other blogging events which last for a single day.  One is coming up at the end of this week – the Theme Reveal for the A to Z Challenge.

As my blogiversary approaches I am reviewing my posts so far.  I hope this will help you, valued reader, to find any of my earlier posts, which might be of interest to you.  It will also help me in planning future content.  I have already discovered one promise I made, which I have not yet fulfilled.  My contents post is now almost up-to-date.  In future updates will be made on a regular basis.  (Experience with my other blog has taught me that it is more time-effective to update several entries at once than to add each new post immediately.)

This is the second post reviewing my 1st year blogging on Sue’s Trifles.  The first one is I believe my blog’s anniversary is not far off

Alter ego was a prompt for the promptless, which I used to write about St Paul the Apostle.

Interview with Tigger was a daily prompt asking us to interview a fictional character.  When I am “full of the joys of spring” I suspect I can be as irritating as Tigger.

A chance conversation is a real-life event.

Pentecost is a post about a season in the Church’s year. I managed to contact the present vicar at the church, which had the Whit walks.  They no longer do this, but at another time of year a donkey takes part in a service.

My phone or i-phone? Another daily prompt asked about smart-phones.  I am still using a basic phone.

My blogging goals I notice that I was only blogging, “Whenever I had something to say,” on this blog.  Now I blog every day, I wonder whether I am just doing it for its own sake!

Trinity Sunday I talked about God being three Persons and one God yesterday.  I had forgotten that I had written about names of God beginning with A in this post.  I have not revisited my promise to write about more names of God.

On my Journey I couldn’t help being an onlooker.

Blog switching was an opportunity to promote another blogger.  I think she must be busy in real-life now.  If you are reading this, Victoria, “Hello!”

My name is… was a prompt about names.

…but what will it be? This was something which struck me the same day and also fitted with the prompt.  I do not usually post twice in the same day.

Not exactly a running gag is a post, which includes a joke.

Silver linings – a daily prompt I used to describe a recent narrow escape.

Craft group crack includes my story of a charity/thrift shop find.

The first book of Samuel was the subject of our group Bible study.  A book review is included here.

Buzz, buzz, buzz describes a real-life situation.

Monet prompt was from Rarasaur.

My next series of posts were from writing I had done almost 20 years earlier of my childhood memories.  There is a separate link to these on my contents page.

Perhaps my blogging journey does resemble my real life ones.  I have planned sections and last-minute ones.

To be continued…