The heat is on – turned down to low!

by Krista on March 10, 2014

Do you thrive under pressure or crumble at the thought of it? Does your best stuff surface as the deadline approaches or do you need to iterate, day after day to achieve something you’re proud of? Tell us how you work best.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us PRESSURE.

For the rest of this month (or more precisely until 30 March) the pressure of the Daily Prompt from WordPress has changed. It is published at the same time every day. For most of the year the time corresponds with 13:00hrs in the UK. Our dates for changing the clocks for daylight saving do not coincide. In the US last weekend the clocks were changed forward one hour. Here we are using Greenwich Meantime (or UTC) until 30 March.

This changes my opportunities and the perceived pressure on me to read (and decide whether to use) the prompt. Normally I am waiting for it after lunch. Now I can read it before lunch and consider it for longer before I am able to use my computer.
My first thought about today’s prompt was to give attention to my preparations for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge. Last year I signed up just in time to take part. Initially I was writing a post a day and publishing immediately. By the end of the month I had written some posts in advance.

Where writing is concerned, I mostly set my own deadlines. I have had all year to think about my approach to the next A to Z challenge. When I mentioned it to my daughter a few months ago, she was surprised. “It isn’t until April!”
I find that if I plan things ahead of time I am less likely to feel pressurised. I can think about things at my leisure and spend my writing time writing – not gazing out of the window, sucking the end of my thinking stick or otherwise hesitating for more than a few seconds here and there.

In fact the piano-tuner commented that I had just sat and written (a post)! It is work of a sort, isn’t it? No matter how enjoyable, work needs a certain amount of determination and perseverance.

So less than a month before April, where am I up to?

• I have a badge in my sidebar which links to the A to Z blog.
• A few of my posts have already mentioned the challenge.
• I have connected with A to Z on the linky list, Twitter and Google+ (Facebook from last year!)
• My topic is chosen and my theme reveal post scheduled for March 21 and I have joined the linky list.
• I have copied the links for all the badges for the letters of the alphabet into a Word Document.
• The calendar for the challenge is on one of my posts and in a real notebook.
• I have draft posts for the whole alphabet, but I am not satisfied with all of them, including some scheduled ones.
• I am following some of the participants on Twitter.
• I am planning to make a text box to provide a link to Wikipedia for anyone who wishes to research my topic in more detail.
• I am experimenting with the html for displaying the letters in each post.

Why am I so organised?
I have lots of other things to do – my WIP, my other blog, another writing project and (a busy) life away from the computer. The requirements of some of the other things are less well defined.  So my response to pressure (much of which is motivation, rather than external pressure) is to complete the straightforward tasks first. Then I hope to find a block of time to make some real progress with the other things, which in some ways actually have a higher priority but no actual deadline.

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  2. Being in Switzerland I usuall get the daily challenge around 14.00 hours. Now it arrives at 13.00 hours, but no problem. I usually have a golden oldie midday sleep and do not notice it arriving. Eventually it will change again when we alter our clocks. I just noticed there are a lot more responses today when I looked in.


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  8. You sound like my clone. I like to think things out ahead of time and lose the pressure. That way I can enjoy the project and do a good job on it instead of throwing it together at the last crazy minute.


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