Murphy’s law again

Following on from Murphy’s law, yesterday afternoon I decided to check whether the letter badges were available for the A to Z challenge.  (I was away from the internet for a week, so am still catching up.)

Last year I was rather a newbie and copied each badge into a New Post.  WordPress experienced some difficulty while I was doing this for all the letters in a single session!  (I mentioned it in my post for the Cheersfest, when A to Z’ers roasted Arlee Bird.)
A to Z challenge
So this year I decided to dig into the HTML a bit and see whether I could put the badges where I wanted them, just using the shortcuts to the badges and without taking up any significant space on WordPress.  (Yes, the badges are ready!)

The fact that I have seventeen revisions of my post for the letter A indicates that I didn’t find this as easy as I had hoped.  (Some revisions were just to add tags.)

One thing I learned last year was that having the letter at the start of the post, without any text visible may frighten readers away.  I had one comment that my blog was not loading properly.  I suspect the visitor had not scrolled down to find my words.

This year I am arranging it differently.  I have not quite gained control of the coding, but what I have managed to put together is likely to be fit for purpose.

This post is an example of how it will work, unless I learn more before April.

If anyone can tell me how to post the letter with text adjacent to it, please let me know.  I’ll be forever grateful!

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