Band or banned?

In my earlier post about music  I mentioned some of my musical activities.

I do not currently play in any music groups, although I sing in two choirs.

I began playing music in groups around the age of eight, once I had become sufficiently proficient on the descant recorder.  I learned to play the treble recorder in a group when I was ten years old.

At my next school, I played the recorder in the school orchestra from time to time.  I had group violin lessons for a year (aged 12), but did not get the hang of it at all, although I was expected to join in with the school orchestra on it.  Having to watch the conductor, read the music and attempt to play an instrument, which had a mind of its own more or less defeated me.

(I had been lent an instrument, which was particularly difficult to tune.)

After the year, I reverted to playing the recorder in the orchestra.

I really liked the sound of the clarinet and persuaded my parents to allow me to have lessons on it while I was in the Sixth Form (16-18 years old).  Before my first lesson, I could not get a sound out of it.  However, my teacher remedied that and the notes require similar fingering to descant and treble recorders, so I made rapid progress.  Soon I was able to join the orchestra playing 3rd clarinet.  I may even have progressed to second clarinet.

I remember playing a lively piece of music called Schwanda the Bagpiper.  By this stage I was better able to cope with the multitasking required of orchestral players.

As an adult I have been involved in children’s recorder groups as a helper at a local music centre.  I am a member of the village orchestra, which plays about three times a year in church services. I have also played with groups of adults on recorders of whatever size has been appropriate and occasionally I have been allowed to play the piano. The music has ranged from Early Music through classical and more modern music including jazzy arrangements.  The worst music for becoming an ear-worm is Jingle Bell Rock.  I have played all the parts at various times and it stays with me for days!

While I enjoy making music in groups, the piano is still my favourite instrument to play.

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Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

by Krista on February 25, 2014

Have you ever played in a band? Tell us all about that experience of making music with friends. If you’ve never been in a band, imagine you’re forming a band with some good friends. What instrument do you play in the band and why? What sort of music will you play?

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