New Year’s resolutions revisited

My New Year’s resolution was to read more books.  My progress with this is a little mixed.

I started reading a second-hand copy of The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and was finding it rather tough.  I put it down for so long that I had to start again to remind myself who all the characters were.  When I was considering what to take with me on a long train journey, I decided to take something lighter both in weight and content.

I took The Reisenbach Problem by Martin Allison Booth, which seemed to start rather slowly (I had read a sample chapter before buying the book) but became more interesting the more I read.  I finished reading it on the return journey.  It was a book for which the expression, “The plot thickens” could have been coined.

Now I have no excuse for not picking up The Poisonwood Bible again.

The competition for my reading time included a book, which I am reviewing ahead of publication.  I am very happy that I offered to do this as I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be mentioning it again nearer the publication date.  I even intend to reread it.

I have also been reading a self-published book with some local interest about which I have mixed feelings.

Since I had my piano refurbished I have also been playing it more often.  Social media has been taking up too much time.  I have been knitting and crocheting as well and I am considering a fairly small sewing project, which has a deadline.

Just in case anyone is interested, my hint for time-management is: do something extra before you do whatever you are going to have to do on a particular day.

Excuse me now.  I have to do the ironing!