Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I have had nightmares from childhood.  Some of them have been repeated.  Many of my more recent ones have involved driving.   If I dream about driving, I am usually the driver and there is something happening, which seems to be out of control.

I dream in colour.

The most recent dream I had which I remember vividly was not particularly frightening.  I was not the driver.  In fact I am not clear where I was.  It was more like watching a film where the cameraman had been looking down on the scene.

There was a road junction.  A car was driving along on the left and turned left into the other street.  However it must have been a one-way street as a double-decker bus was coming the other way, slowly approaching the junction.

The bus did not stop, but pushed the car back round the corner apparently ending up on the wrong side of the road.  (Unless this was also a one-way road and the car had been going the wrong way!)  The bus-driver then climbed out of his cab and stood in the middle of the road next to the car driver’s window and began to shout at him.  I could not hear what was being said.

Nightmares can be very frightening, especially to children.

I have learned to avoid being disturbed by dreams.  Sometimes I am aware of making decisions in them.  I have heard this described as lucid dreaming.  I am also able to wake up or end the dream before I become distressed.

While some dreams may have meanings, I am not convinced that they all do.  This dream could be interpreted in various ways.

It would be easy to turn it into an allegory.  If the driver of the car had missed the road signs and gone the wrong way round a one-way system, he caused a lot of problems for himself and others.  If we ignore warnings in life this may happen to us.

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