Far from normal

February 18 Far from normal

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life.  Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

In winter I wrap up warm with lots of layers.  I do not wear cardigans, because I have very sloping shoulders and I have found that a jumper does not move about as much as a cardigan does.  In the past, when I have worn a cardigan, it hasn’t been the cardigan itself, which became uncomfortable, but layers underneath which began to slide off my shoulders.

I wear needle-cord trousers and tuck them into my boots to go out.  If it is very wet, I wear walking over-trousers on top and fasten them over my boots with press-studs.  (In my English childhood we called press-studs poppers.)

The woolly hat, which I wear, I knitted for Mum.  It turned out that her head is much smaller than mine; I gave her one I had knitted in a child’s size and kept the larger one for myself.  I can pull it down over my ears with a double thickness to keep them warm.

I probably look like Charlie Brown in the cartoon, where he fell over on the ice and couldn’t get up again, because of all the clothes he was wearing.   I don’t think my head is quite as big as his!

When I have warmed up indoors, I remove the unnecessary layers.  It is not very ladylike to take off a pullover in public!  And as for over-trousers…

…in mixed company I try to find some privacy.

My dressing and undressing antics serve as exercise.  Pullovers require my arms to be raised above my head and I balance on one leg at a time putting my over-trousers on or taking them off.

On Sundays I need even more clothes as the church in our village is one of the oldest in the county and very difficult to heat.  I wear a lined skirt and other extra layers.  As the hall where we have choir practice is well heated, layers are essential.

I also have to consider how warm it is inside other people’s houses if I am invited out.

The neighbours probably think I look very odd.

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2 thoughts on “Far from normal

  1. As I was reading your post I am reminded that I dress differently if I am going into my the back door of my house or the front door. Out the back door to take the dogs out looks a lot like my ugly boots, multiple layers, my teenage son’s hat (when needed). Out the front door usually implies I do my best to look ‘normal’ 🙂


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