February 17


Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

In the UK when I was growing up, mentor was not a particularly popular word.  Many people have influenced me in my life, but I would not really describe any as a mentor.

There have been teachers (both at school and Sunday school), preachers, tutors, lecturers, speakers, friends, colleagues, chance encounters and last but not least, parents and other family members.

Perhaps my Mum’s statement that people are more important than things is one of the greatest lessons I have learned.

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3 thoughts on “Mentor

  1. I’ve never had anybody who played the official roles as a mentor, but certainly many who provided me with good mentoring lessons. The owner of the company that I worked for last provided me a great deal of examples and lessons about business and dealing with the public. My father was probably my greatest influence though.

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