Who is my reader?

Who is your reader?

This is the question asked by Cheri Lucas Rowlands .

I have two blogs.  Some of my followers follow both blogs, others only one.

My first blog, Sue’s considered trifles, is aimed at anyone with an interest in the English language.  It could be considered as a resource for readers, writers and students of the language.

This, my second blog, is more varied.  I do not have a particular readership in view.

If I participate in prompts and challenges I hope other participants will visit my blog, although I realise that everyone is pressed for time and the more participants there are, the harder it is to visit the blogs.  (In some cases there are thousands!)

I also blog about my craft projects and hope these posts will be read by others with similar hobbies.

Occasionally I have put on my activist’s hat and blogged about an issue which I think deserves attention.  Blog Action Day, National Stress Awareness Day and Time to Talk Day are examples.

The seasons of the year have inspired a few posts too.

Sometimes I have used my childhood memories or written about some of the little adventures I have had much more recently.

I try to make my posts intelligible to people, who may not have the same linguistic or cultural backgrounds as I have.  I’d be interested in feedback on how successful my attempts have been.

The pages, which I have created, are aimed to help my readers.  Navigation is intended to help you find my posts.

This may be a good time to mention that both my blogs have been short-listed for the UK Blog Awards in the Education category and to thank those of my readers, who have been kind enough to vote for them.  🙂