Where I live neighbours may rarely meet especially in bad weather.  Most travel by private car.  If their houses are not very close together, they can go for weeks without speaking.  Sometimes we hear of the misfortunes of a near neighbour from someone farther away.

Long ago neighbours used to call on each other to borrow a small essential item such as an onion.  Nowadays the item requested is more likely to be a pasting table for decorating or a tool.  Collecting something which has been ordered and delivered in their absence is perhaps the most common reason for a neighbour to ring the bell or knock on the door.

The ways in which neighbours help each other is not always obvious to others.  A pet cat or goldfish may be fed for a neighbour on holiday; a friendly word or wave may brighten someone’s day; a card may cheer up a convalescent or a quick visit may help someone to be less isolated.

I refer to people in much of the street where I live as neighbours.  A very famous question is, “Who is my neighbour?”

Luke 10:25-37

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  7. This sounds like my neighborhood. We’ve lived here for over 16 years now with the same neighbors on either side of us, yet our cumulative exchange of words over that time would probably not amount to much more that a half hour. No real conversation, but just occasional neighborly exchanges of greetings. We’re all so busy I guess and not home at the same times or if we are we’re in the house to ourselves.

    It is sad. Not like the neighbors I remember in the places where I lived as a kid.

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