Today’s daily prompt has one exclusion, but I don’t think it can stop me taking it in a different direction.

I have done some acting at school and in a church drama group.  I was not at all good at it, so no starring rôle for me.  I do not have the imagination to transform a story into something visual, which will have the audience wanting to watch to the end and come back for more.  That rules me out as director.

Any work for me in the entertainment industry would have to be in the wardrobe department or property management.  My experience making fancy dress costumes for my children over the years would come in handy.  I have some knowledge of the history of fashion and a book to help here.  I have been known to construct interesting items out of craft card.  Once I dressed my children as chessmen.  A black king was fairly easy to simulate with a robe and a crown.  The horse’s head for the knight was more difficult.  I don’t know how heavy it was to wear.  I did all the work and they won a prize!

When I was in a play in the Brownies (I had forgotten about that – it was Henny Penny) I was a zebra, wearing a heavy head made from papier-mâché on a wire frame.  My own head was completely enclosed and the open mouth was not very well lined up with mine, making my voice muffled.  My daughter wore her horse’s head above her face, like a tall hat.  She could see and talk as usual!

So if you won’t let me write the film script, Michelle, will you let me work with costumes?