The shortlist is out

Well, I never.   Both my blogs are on the shortlist for the UK Blog Awards.  Thank you to everyone who voted.

That was my early morning Tweet.

It is only two days since I wrote the following in a post about my experience of entering the Awards.

I am writing this today ahead of the publication of the shortlists for two reasons.  The first is that neither of the prompts from WordPress, which I have been considering recently, inspired me today.  The second is that, when the shortlists are announced and my blogs are not there, it could look like sour grapes to say I am probably not missing anything.

A change of gear.  I shall be planning my trip to London.  I am pleased to see that most of the blogs I voted for in other categories also appear on the shortlists.  The blogger I met is there too.  I wonder if he’ll be able to go and what he’ll wear.  (I think he plans to go.)

There are a few bloggers I have got to know on-line through the awards and Blog Every Day in November.  So now I have to find out about the arrangements and book my ticket for the ceremony and the trains.  Then I’ll have to work out the details of finding the venue and what I’ll do afterwards.

I’m really quite excited.  It’s a long time since I went to a posh do!

Here is a link to the category shortlist.
UK Blog Awards have kindly provided a badge. I wish they had not used “proud”. I’d have preferred “delighted” or “pleased”.
The Bible tells us not to boast except in God.  Psalm 44:8


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