Yet another string to my bow

How many e-mail addresses have you collected?  I recently needed to set up a gmail addie.  The next thing I knew I was being sucked into Google+.

I’ve done the tour and am not very much the wiser.

I have set up publicise to advertise my new posts on this blog on Google+, but as I have yet to acquire any followers or friends there, I wonder whether this is really worthwhile.  It took me a bit of time to find out how to make my posts public on Google+, but the WordPress documentation does cover all the problems and I managed to sort this out.  Initially posts are shared privately, but there are threads in the Forums, which explain how to correct this.  I managed to find the instructions and follow them, but now I come to write about the process, I cannot find them!  I had to connect publicise, then change my settings for the WordPress app on Google+ and then reconnect publicise.

The A to Z community may find it convenient to use Google+.   One of the assistants to the co-hosts found me on Twitter and has an excellent page on her blog explaining how she is going to be making the most of the challenge in April by preparing for it now.

I have found that the links to Google+ from my blog are not always visible.  I’m not sure why this happens.

Do you use Google+?  Have you any hints and tips to share?

3 thoughts on “Yet another string to my bow

  1. I do use Google+ occasionally but I have no idea what I’m doing or how much of an effect it has. I’ve seen where some people have shared certain of my posts on Google+. I may have reaped a few visits from those, but I’m not sure.

    If you learn anything please pass it along.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out


  2. I’m with you, G+ is a bit confusing and really not sure what does it have over twitter. As you, I also automatically share + visit there a couple times a week to see how others are doing. One thing I’ll say though: the photos on G+ are absolutely breathtaking!


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