Music and me

The prompt from 365 days of blogging prompts asks about the part music plays in my life.
It is a very important part of my life.
At home there is often music playing on the radio.  Hubby is usually the one who switches it on.  (Once recently he was surprised it was on as he did not recall having switched it on.  I had seen on Twitter that a piece of music I particularly like was on next.)   Sometimes the music is classical (either secular or religious), other times it is jazz.  I like lots of music, but I really do not like so-called grand opera.  I do enjoy Gilbert and Sullivan, having been taken to a few performances at the Savoy, in preference to pantomimes around Christmas.
Listening to (or shutting out background) music is rather passive.  Attending a concert or other event where there is live music is quite different from listening with half an ear while engaged in other activities.
I enjoy taking part.  I play four different sizes of recorder, piano and sing alto in two choirs. My piano playing is mainly in private at present.  Hubby encourages me.  I hardly ever practise my recorder playing and do not go to a group at present.  I dust one or other of them off about three or four times a year to play in a church service after a single rehearsal (or two at the most).  Hubby waits until I am out to blow on his trombone.  (Not that I have ever complained about it.  I think he is shy.  He says it is too loud!)
Many of our relatives are musical, several of them having been in or currently being members of bands.

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