What do you know?

Sometimes the daily prompt sparks an immediate reaction.  Not so today’s.

We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TEACHING.

Without wishing to boast, there are so many things I enjoy doing that I am rather spoilt for choice.

It would be difficult to teach you how to solve a cryptic crossword.  I have solved one since lunch.  (The daily prompt arrives at 1pm here in the UK.)  The information is available on-line already.  There is a well-known puzzle publisher with a website.

If you blog, I don’t suppose you need any instruction on using a word-processing program such as Word or the box on WordPress, where you can type directly (and risk losing your information, in the event of a power cut or other unexpected fault).  I do have some particular hints and tips learned from experience, but I don’t believe in spoon-feeding people!

I could give you some hints and tips for helping the environment, but I’ve already done that.

I could direct you to a post I have read today about standards for posting to social media.

I could give you some knowhow for sewing and knitting.

Or I could tell you the story about the person people make jokes about. He went for a job interview.  He was asked whether he knew his 9 times table.

Oh, yes, he replied and he wrote a column of numbers downwards:-











Then he started at the bottom and wrote another column upwards starting 0,1, etc:-

So he had











So now you have a neat way of constructing the 9 times table.

Have you seen this done before?  Does it help you recognise whether a number is divisible by nine?

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  2. If you add the individual numbers of any number and the resulting sum is divisible by 9, then the original number is divisible by 9.
    For example: 918
    18 is divisible by 9 therefore 918 is divisible by 9.


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