Eighteen months of blogging

Today I have been blogging for eighteen months.  It is true that this blog is not yet one year old, but my other blog Sue’s considered trifles is eighteen months old today.

Sue’s considered trifles was my third choice of a name for my blog.  My first choice was consideredtrifles.  This name had been taken.  My next idea was to use a quotation from Macbeth about a saying, cat in the adage.  No luck there either.  Then I had the idea of taking possession of my blog by giving it a name denoting my ownership of it.  Success!

My 178th post on it is published today without a fanfare.  It is only a link to two earlier posts when all is said and done.  It is a post a week 2014 blog about sayings words and phrases from the English language with one new post a week and a chance for new readers to catch up on the archives.

I began blogging for reasons I have explained elsewhere.  It has been an adventure.  I have learned new skills, gained new knowledge, read blogs from other countries and taken part in competitions and challenges.  The latter two activities led to the existence of this second blog, which is now more active than my first blog.  This will be my 237th post and I have added a post a day 2014 blogger badge.  I had no problem with a name for my second blog.  WordPress accepted Sue’s Trifles as a blog name.   My tag-line upset some search engines at first.  Tasty writing surprises (non-fattening!) led to a number of visits from readers who were perhaps hoping for dieting tips!

I am looking forward to the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge and have already chosen a theme for this.  Last year I heard about it just in time to take part.

I have entered the UK Blog Awards.  The public vote to choose the short-listed blogs ends on Sunday 26 January.  Voting is easy.

I am trying to move my writing focus from blogs to the book I have begun writing this year.  I do not intend to publish it on-line.

However I enjoy blogging and it keeps me motivated to write regularly.

If you have read this far, you might like to read about how some other bloggers chose the names of their blogs. http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/blog-naming-ideas/