Plan B

A number is a digit, a figure, a tool, a quantity, a letter in the language of mathematics.

This is a comment I made some time ago on another blogger’s post.

I saved it with the idea of expanding on it at a later date.  I have already drafted one post today, but I did not want to publish it due to the personal information included in it.  Plan B then (or in this context Plan number 2.)

Numbers are everywhere, prices, indices, weights, volumes, dates, statistics.  If you can count it…

…someone, somewhere probably has.

Numbers dominate social media.  Friends, followers, shares, comments, views, posts, comments all can be and are counted.

But do they count for anything that matters?

It would be a shame to spend time writing a blog post that no-one bothered to read.  Deciding not to publish one is another issue.  But how many readers are required for a post to be successful?

If I write something intended to amuse or entertain, I am delighted if one person is amused or entertained.

There is a book in the Bible which goes by the name, Numbers.  I have read it and all I am going to say about it here is that (in my opinion) the numbers are not the most important thing in the book.

A passage which does not mention numbers, but indicates concepts which cannot be measured is St Paul’s prayer in his letter to the Ephesians 3:14-20

As I have written this at lunchtime I am linking to the Weekly Writing Challenge.

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  2. I share your dilemma. From a secular point of view also, numbers may not indicate much. A great number of followers with a haphazard focus may be less valuable than a smaller group of loyal followers.


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