What I am knitting

This post is a quick one about my current knitting project.

I have lots of knitting patterns, which I tore out of magazines decades ago.  Among them is one for a child’s cardigan.  It is a picture including Thomas the Tank Engine.  I had decided I’d like to knit one for each of my two grandsons.  Then I considered how much work there is in an intarsia design (picture-knit) and how quickly young children grow.  Being realistic, it would not be worth my time.  (After all I have two blogs and a WIP to attend to and my New Year’s resolution to read more books as well as a busy life.)

I remembered an easier pattern with trains running around the yoke.  When I saw that my favourite double knitting yarn was on offer I bought some in colours, which I thought would be useful for this project.

At the back of my mind was the recollection of having given this pattern away to someone who asked out of the blue whether I had it.   I managed to find  the picture from the pattern, but no instructions.  I also found another picture of a jumper with a yoke on the outside of a knitting pattern pull-out from a magazine.  Looking inside I discovered that I had cut that pattern out for the same person.  Another setback, but this was part of my planning process and I was still busy working on a crochet project, which is under wraps at present.

Then someone told me she was looking for a pattern to knit a rabbit.  I went through my patterns and craft books again.  The rabbit patterns I found were unsuitable, but I found a child’s jumper with yoke.  So I had my building blocks for my train jumper.

I could count the stitches and rows for the train on the picture and work out how to use it on the yoke of the jumper pattern (which is for larger sizes than the original pattern.)  On some squared paper I copied out the design of the train.  Then I compared the number of stitches for the yoke.  That would give me 7.5 trains.  At first I did not take in the implications of having half a train!

Once I realised, I redesigned the train so that six would fit, which is what there were on the original pattern.  I also found some left-over yarn and bought another ball in a contrast colour as I had been unaware of exactly how many colours would be needed.

I have started knitting and am excited about this new project.  The plain stocking stitch part is very relaxing, but I can’t wait to get to the yoke!  I’m planning to post a picture of the completed garment.  I am wondering about working with small balls of yarn as for an intarsia design because there are more than two colours in some rows.  Of course, I have lent my intarsia bobbins to another friend…

…and the design only needs three colours for one row.  It will not be too difficult to treat this as Fairisle and using a circular needle for the yoke will avoid a seam and allow me to see the design from the front throughout the knitting process.


Do you find useful things when you are looking for something else?