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When I was at junior school we used to do mental arithmetic, mechanical arithmetic and problems.  Mental arithmetic was sums which were fairly easy to do in our heads, just writing down the answer.  Mechanical arithmetic needed to be written down with some extra working out.  It included adding long numbers, long multiplication and long division.  Mathematics was being taught in a completely different way by the time my children were at school.  So I have mentioned two out of three of our types of sums.  The third type was written out mostly in words.

If it takes two men three days to build twelve yards of railway line, how many days would it take three men to build twenty four yards?

I have made that one up.  There were questions about emptying baths with a tap left on and about travel at various speeds, lengths of trains and amounts of carpet required for rooms.  I liked the problems best.

In fact I enjoy solving all kinds of problems and puzzles.  There always seem to be ways of improving the way I tackle ordinary things in daily life.

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