Quirk of habit

I probably have lots of quirky habits which annoy people.

Fidgety habits can be very irritating.  Hubby taps his fingers to music.  If the music is audible, that may not be too bad, but if he is listening to it on headphones, that (as the expression goes) is something else!

Fortunately, I can usually shut out unwanted distractions, perhaps as a form of self-protection.

He claims that music takes him into another realm and he cannot help reacting to it in this way.

I am reminded of the verse from Alice in Wonderland

Speak roughly to your little boy
and beat him when he sneezes.
He only does it to annoy,
because he knows it teases.

Written in response to the Daily Prompt.

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us QUIRKY.

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