Twitter chat hour from a newbie’s point of view

Blogging has been a steep learning curve; now I am learning to use Twitter.

I have only been Tweeting for two or three months and have already written two posts about my experiences.  The first was Another string to my bow, which alerted my readers to my presence on Twitter.  The second was How not to make a hash of hashtags.  I hope they are both light-hearted looks at social media.

Entering the UK Blog Awards has given me the chance to link up with other hopefuls for up to an hour a week (plus injury time!) in #bloghour or #BlogHour depending on your typing skills.

This was another experience of a fast-moving source of information.  I found that it is useful to have more than one Twitter tab open as well as being logged in to WordPress to be able to provide appropriate links to my blogs and to check my email from time to time.

It is always possible to catch up later, but it is important to find the Tweets, which need replies.  These may be found on the @connect tab or from email notifications.

Tweeting itself is a new skill to learn.  To be an active participant rather than a listener during #bloghour requires Tweets to be composed and sent.  So many decisions to make.  Is #bloghour on its own sufficient?  Should the Tweet be addressed to @UKBlogAwards?  If it is a reply should it be to all the people whose names come up in the reply box?

It took me a little while to understand that there were a number of questions Q1 and so on inviting answers A1 and the like.

Seasoned Tweeters (or Tweeps) will know that red highlighting means the character allowance has been exceeded.  As one of my favourite activities in English lessons was précis, I am not fazed by having to shorten a Tweet!

Then there is the interpretation of hashtags used by #bloghour #bloggers.  No problem so far, but #fbloggers and #bbloggers caused me to do some detective work.  It seems that they are fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers.  How do you manage #bloghour or other chats?

Are you there for the whole time or do you pop in for part of it?  Do you catch up later on what has been Tweeted?


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