Look out for the outsiders

Wherever you look it is happening.  There are insiders and outsiders.  Wherever?  In society, in workplaces, in schools, in colleges, at coffee mornings and even in churches and on the internet.

I have often been an outsider – the lonely person in a crowd.  Perhaps that qualifies me to write on this prompt.  No, what qualifies me is that I have a blog at all (even bloggers on other platforms are able to respond to these prompts).

It is very easy for groups of people to form cliques.  They become comfortable with the company of the same people.  They can chat about comfortable topics.  They may form close friendships and understand each other’s sense of humour.

It is almost impossible to break into a clique, unless the clique decides to invite a newcomer.  Usually these tight knots of people are so inward-looking that they are totally unaware of the outsiders.

Does this describe your default behaviour?  Let me challenge you to look around and see the outsider standing alone.  Step outside your comfort zone and approach them.  It isn’t necessary to say anything clever, but I recommend you avoid that hackneyed chat-up line, “Do you come here often?”

“Hello, I’m Sue,” requires courage.  (And is no use if you are not Sue!)

A comment about the weather or about the surroundings may break the ice.  My life is enriched by talking to and (more importantly) listening to different people.  I am naturally shy, but perhaps that helps me to draw out other introverts.

This morning I had several interesting conversations at a coffee morning with people I might otherwise never speak to.  I hope we all went away enriched by our meetings.  I even tried to explain what Youtube is to an elderly friend without a computer.  He claims he still uses a quill pen!  (I like a cartridge pen myself as my italic hand deteriorates with ballpoint pen.)

Talking to outsiders may give you new material for your blog as well.  You never know…

Today’s Daily Prompt is

Tell us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us OUTSIDE.

14 thoughts on “Look out for the outsiders

  1. ah, yes talking to outsiders can definitely give you good blog material, and a new insight into the psyche of people whom you might not otherwise come in contact with. As a child, I was comforted by a homeless person, whom appointed himself as my protector, when I ran away from home. The kindness one can discover when one allows him or herself to look closer, to stop seeing through an “inside and outside” mentality is profound. Well, I am biased, I also make a living writing about outsiders, and their struggles. Have a great day!


    • Claudia, thank you for reading this and sharing this story. I have taken the liberty of changing the spelling of “definitely” in your comment! It is a problem with WordPress that we cannot correct our own comments on other people’s blogs! I’ll pop over and look at your blog later. Sue


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