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Do you have a favourite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

My favourite quote is:

Perfect love drives out fear.

I remember this verse from the Bible (1 John 4:18) being read in a school assembly when I was sixteen or seventeen years old.  I was aware that there were many things I was afraid of.  The idea that perfect love could drive out fear appealed to me.

I had been brought up in a Christian home.  I had been to Sunday School from the age of three.  Having been baptised as a baby, I was confirmed at the age of thirteen and a regular communicant.  Yet it was at school that this verse jumped out at me.

At that stage in my life my Christianity was mostly intellectual assent.  I believed that Jesus’ teaching would lead to a better world if everyone acted on it.  I was not really aware of the concept of grace.  The misconception that you have to be good to go to heaven was perhaps one of my beliefs.  I was always trying to do the right things and always aware that I fell short of God’s standards.

When I was confirmed I know I was strengthened by the Holy Spirit.  Girls at school noticed a difference in me.  I was more confident to express my views in class.

I am still learning how to respond to God’s guidance in everyday life.  In my thinking, my writing and my doing.  In my listening, in my responding, in my waiting for the right time.

But I digress.  Only God’s love is perfect.  Fear paralyses.  It prevents us from doing all sorts of things.  It puts up barriers.  We can be afraid of what others will say, afraid of the dark, afraid of all the things for which words have been invented ending with phobia.  Fear may arise from a desire to protect ourselves.  Love accepts God’s protection and puts the good of others before our own safety.

God wants to put his love into the hearts of each one of us.  He wants us to be unafraid.  He tells his servants,

Do not be afraid.

Fear not!

Love your enemies.

If we come to God by accepting Jesus Christ, his only son as our Saviour, he sends his Holy Spirit to live in us.  We do not become like him overnight.  But he gives us the power to overcome our fears and our faults and to grow more like him day by day.

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7 thoughts on “Quote me

  1. There is some kind of balance to be found. We cannot act in any old way and expect to be miraculously saved. It is a hand in Hand upward path that we should follow. This is one of the aspects insisted upon in God’s Word given in Arès. No, we cannot expect to become perfect, but we must walk in that direction. It is a daily effort, but the reward is enormous, especially when complemented by His Grace.


  2. I love that verse! It reminds me that I can do nothing to earn grace, and so I don’t have to be afraid God is going to take it away because of something I’ve done. So, I’m free to love and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, no matter how imperfectly I do it. Thanks for reminding me.


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