Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

When I was young I never managed to keep my New Year’s resolutions.

One of my mother’s school-friends gave me a diary every year.  I always intended to use it – more as a journal than as an engagements diary.  I had always abandoned it by February and sometimes less than half way through January!

I now keep two journals.  One is my record of what I have been doing.  The other is my thoughts about what I believe God has been doing in ways which affect me and people I know.  Perhaps I do not pay enough attention to the bigger picture.  Since I joined Twitter I am far more aware of world news!

I have been keeping the mundane journal for over seven years and have mentioned its usefulness in an earlier post.  The prayer journal is a more recent addition to my writing habits.  I began it in August 2012.  (Really, this is what I intended my other journal to be, but I found it difficult to write about personal matters and soon dropped the references to prayer and guidance.)  My inital entries were about things I was aware of God having done in the past.  I believe that keeping this journal has helped me grow in faith.  I began to see God working in ways I had not prayed about.  Perhaps someone else had prayed – or perhaps not.  Our God is gracious and merciful.  He is all-powerful and omniscient (a lovely word to say that he knows everything).  He does not need our feeble prayers and yet he invites us to approach him in worship, confession, thanksgiving and to make our requests known to him.  I sometimes get the impression that people who pray emphasise prayer rather than God as the agent of change.

Prayer does change things.  Mainly it changes those who pray.  We are greatly privileged in being invited to join in the work of praying that God’s will be done.

I have a picture of the Christian life as being like riding a bicycle.  At first we fall off many times.  Then we begin to find our balance.  We learn to use the brakes and the gears.  We learn to be observant.  We learn the rules of the road.  We may fall off in difficult conditions, but not so often as at first.  We pick ourselves up and continue our journey.

So it is with the Christian life.  We are aiming to follow Jesus, but we do not always keep our eyes on him.  We have to learn to ask for wisdom and guidance and not to rely on our own understanding.  We make mistakes and may feel cut off from or abandoned by God.  We have to pick ourselves up and confess our mistakes and get back on to the path.

Perhaps I have wandered away from the prompt, thoughtfully provided in advance by the Editors at

I have made a New Year’s resolution on my other blog, Sue’s considered trifles in an attempt to manage my time better and maintain a good standard for my blog posts.

The impression I am trying to give is that making resolutions is not a waste of time even if we fail.  As time goes on we may succeed more often.

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  1. Thank you for including the link to my blog for day 2 of the writing prompts challenge! I really appreciate it as it’s my first time blogging! Have a fantastic 2014!


    • I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do. I am not doing every prompt in the book, but when I do I shall include any others I notice using the tag or category 365 Days of writing prompts. (Unless I have a good reason not to.) It’s a win-win strategy. Sue


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