How not to make a hash of hashtags

I have been on Twitter for just over two months and here I am having the audacity to write a post about using it better!

My reason for joining was to follow Blog Action Day 2013 @blogactionday12

Click here for a post about my experiences as a complete newbie on Twitter.

Then along came @UKBlogAwards with their hashtag #UKBA14.  I accidentally used the hashtag #UKBA, which turned out to be the UK Border Agency!  Oops!

There was also Blog Every Day in November with #BEDN, which for some reason I wanted to type as #BDEN.  No-one would find my Tweets!

As I am an error-prone typist, a poor proof-reader of Tweets and rather trigger-happy with the Tweet button, I now save my favourite usernames (Twitter handles) and hashtags in a Word document.

Even so I have a tendency to try to work from memory with mixed success.

I try to check how a hashtag is being used before I join in the fun.  Sometimes I forget to use the relevant tag in the excitement of #bloghour on a Tuesday evening between 9 and 10 pm GMT.  (Next #bloghour 7 January 2014, but the archive is available if you’d like to see what has been going on.)

Hashtags also work on Facebook, although not many people use them.  Again it is a good idea to check how one is being used for before employing it.

At a recent orchestra practice a child said hashtag instead of sharp!  The use of social media really is changing the world!

How do you use hashtags?  If you realise you have used the wrong one do you delete the Tweet and start again or just resolve to do better next time?


10 thoughts on “How not to make a hash of hashtags

  1. Some people call that sign the pound key. To me it is sharp or maybe number. I have only used a hashtag for the blog action day. (I don’t twitter unless I’m in the garden.)


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