What should I do for my next two hundred posts?

This is a milestone post on this blog.  The number of posts here overtook my other blog a little while ago.  I have 165 posts there and this is post 200!

Looking back over my 200 posts I have taken part in some challenges.

Blogging from A to Z in April 2013 resulted in at least 28 posts.  One announced my intention to take part and one reviewed the month, giving a larger total than the number of letters in the alphabet.

Blog Action Day enticed me onto Twitter.

Blog Every Day in November was a challenge with a suggested topic for each day of the month from Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog.

Rarasaur and Dave (Queen Creative) provided interesting prompts in their promptforthepromptless challenge.  I learned all sorts of new words and gained a badge.

The Daily Post team provide a Daily Prompt each day.  I have taken part on and off.

All these challenges have helped me “meet” other bloggers.  There was one blogger I actually met.  We had our photos taken together.  He has also entered the UK Blog Awards in the Art and Culture section.  You may vote for Fletch the Perchcrow by clicking the badge.
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Vote for Fletch the Perchcrow in the UK Blog Awards
More recently I helped “roast” Arlee Bird, the founder of the A to Z challenge.

Blogging has been a steep learning curve.  I still have much to learn about social media.

Writing down my learning experiences is something else I enjoy.  A number of my posts are about blogging.

I also enjoy what I do away from the computer.  I have posts about knitting and other crafts I enjoy.  My experiences out and about in the local community and farther afield and books I have enjoyed also feature.  (Early New Year’s resolution: Read more books even if it means reading fewer blog posts.)

Occasionally I write fiction and sometimes my ideas come out as verse.

I hope that variety is the spice of life.

My posts may appear in a fairly random order.  I only respond to a daily prompt if it resonates with me in some way.  This may mean that I don’t know myself what I am going to publish until 1pm London time.  I try to vary my topics so that I do not publish several craft posts in a row.

I also published a number of chapters of a book I began writing about twenty years ago.  This was a ploy to keep my blog active while I was busy.  With hindsight I should have used more tags.

Would you like to vote for which of my categories you like best?  (It may not influence what I post, but could be interesting)