Dates in December

Do you like dates in December? (Not just to eat!)

I have been looking at dates written the British way – DD/MM/YY.
We have had 11/12/13 and 13/12/13 (thirteen-twelve-thirteen) now we are counting down to 25/12/13 (25=12+13).

25th December is Christmas Day. The following day has a few names – Boxing Day, St Stephen’s Day or the Feast of Stephen, as it is known in the popular carol “Good King Wenceslas”.

I have mentioned St Stephen in another post.

Perhaps it is the turn of King Wenceslas.
He was the Duke of Bohemia from AD 921-935 when he was killed. He is the patron saint of the Czech state.
Children in the Midlands and North of England sometimes misunderstand the words of the carol and hear “Good King Wences last” looked out. This mistake is not made in the south, where last is pronounced with a long A (ah). Wenceslas is pronounced with a short A. (ă)

In my Christmas activities the carol (Good King Wenceslas) will be played by a small orchestra including strings and woodwind in a medley before the Nativity Play this afternoon. Tomorrow it will be an audience participation item in a Christmas concert put on by one of the choirs I sing in. No doubt it will also be included in the carols sung around the village to raise money for charity. It tells a story, which reminds us to remember those less well off than ourselves particularly in cold weather.

Another notable date in December is 31/12/13. This will be celebrated as New Year’s Eve or (in Scotland) Hogmanay. Last year I wrote a post about New Year traditions.

In reply to today’s daily prompt, I’d turn down the offer of being supreme ruler of the universe. I believe the post is already taken! Instead I’ll celebrate his birth at Christmas.

Are you enjoying the build-up to Christmas?  Are dates traditional food at Christmas where you live?

Daily Prompt: Festivus for the Rest of Us

You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FESTIVE.

16 thoughts on “Dates in December

  1. Asked the Dutch once what was ‘Boxing Day.’ They had no idea, just that it followed Christmas, which gave them 2 days off work–in a row. Lekker.


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  5. I appreciate fresh dates which I only discovered relatively recently, the medjool and the mazafati are delicious.

    I got into my car, it said 13/12/13 13:12. 🙂


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