CheersFest Day

Arlee Bird (whose main blog is Tossing it Out) is the founder of the Blogging from A to Z in April challenge.  Today A to Z’ers are making a fuss of him and calling it a CheersFest Day.  Arlee has promised to read all the posts.  So welcome Arlee (aka Blogman) and  all of my other readers.  I hope you have as much fun with this one as I did!

· Why did Lee come up with the A-Z Challenge?
So that all the blogging platforms would crash as hundreds of bloggers copied the 26 Letters to their drafts folders.

· If someone dreams about being a juggler, what does it mean?
They always wanted to run away and join a circus.

· Is a post by Mr. Bird worth two in the bush?
Blogspot is the bush, isn’t it?

· Who could play Lee in a documentary? (Living or dead.)
Sean Connery.

Flash fiction using prompts. Bird, Juggler, Challenge, Brown Jacket, Tossing

Flight of fancy
A juggler was taking part in an endurance challenge.  The record for uninterrupted tossing of assorted juggling balls was about to be broken.  When a bird flew overhead, he might not have been distracted, but it shed a feather.  The feather tickled him on the nose, before coming to rest on the shoulder of his brown jacket.  He sneezed and dropped his hands as he fished in his pocket for a handkerchief.  He had been within a whisker of beating his previous best time.  His supporters were so surprised, you could have knocked them down with the feather!

A caption for Lee’s Facebook picture?

Room, room, brave gallants, give me room to toss these out!

12 thoughts on “CheersFest Day

  1. “Blogspot is the bush”? I don’t know why that sounds so esoteric and profound. I guess it’s getting late and my mind is swaggled. I guess that’s also why I found your caption so funny. I’m still laughing as I type this.

    Thanks for joining in the fun.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out


  2. Love the BlogSpot bush idea! And I chose Sean Connery too, Sue! We definitely are on to something here. Thanks so much for participating. And I love your blog. Love the colors.


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