Reading other blogs is a great source of inspiration.  When I read Bottledworder’s recent post about writing humour, I nearly commented there and then.  However, I was rather pressed for time and clicked away.

On reflection I realised I have enough material for a post of my own on the same topic.

One of my most successful posts is a joke I wrote in response to a Daily Prompt.   Three Men…

Often I see humour where none is intended.  Earlier this week I read a tweet in which a famous person was mentioned.  Children were decorating a Christmas tree with the Archbishop of Canterbury.  I imagined him as the fairy on top of the tree!

I think it is amusing to write about something unexpected.  On my other blog I often throw in some sort of non sequitur or red herring.  After all, isn’t predictable a synonym for boring or a best uninteresting?

Humour may be blatant or subtle, wordplay or slapstick.

The humour tag is good for stats, but not necessarily for likes!

Have I made you laugh, smile or…what’s that, you’ve left already?

I don’t think that’s funny, you could at least have read to the end!


5 thoughts on “Humour

  1. i love this genre and write largely what i think is funny and have faced all the problems you have mentioned.its usually much better when i am speaking,probably because they stay till the end..would love it if any of you read my blog and give feedback


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