Craft group in the Guinness Book of Records? Surely not!

Flock is a participatory arts project which began in spring 2011. Schools, groups and individuals were invited to “join the flock” by contributing to a large scale art installation

When I heard about Join the Flock, which was intended to promote wool and involved making pompom sheep, I suggested to the other members of the craft group that we might take part.
Because it was my suggestion, I downloaded the instructions and templates and found some cardboard. I spent some time tracing the pompom circles, pairs of legs and sheep’s heads onto the cardboard and cutting them out ready for the group.
A previous project we had done had involved a fair amount of work from another member, so I thought it was my turn!
On the evening there were nine of us at the meeting – eight women and one granddaughter. The youngster had already made a sheep at school and given it away to the project, so she decided to keep hers.
At the end of the evening I had eight sheep to take home and prepare for mailing. The sheep refused to get into the box until they had had a photo-shoot!

Pompom sheep

Pompom sheep

They turned out to be very photogenic. They possibly became well-travelled. Although I looked very hard I could not pick them out at Woolfest in 2012. Not all the sheep, which had been made, attended that event. As far as I remember the original target was 5000 sheep.

Some of our sheep appeared header for an email or on a poster!  One was in the Best in Show gallery.
There were other events. The sheep became film stars.  They starred in videos.
This autumn some of them went to London Zoo for a weekend. There is a Youtube video of their adventures there.
Last month it was announced that the pompom sheep are  Guinness World Record holders.  There are not 5000, but an amazing 8998 sheep.

The Guinness Book of Records is a former title, but I never for the life of me, even in my wildest dreams, thought that anything I did would be associated with the Guinness World Records.
Oh, and just for the record, my craft group friends really enjoyed the evening making the sheep.

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