Yes moments

Blog Every Day in November is a challenge hosted by Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog.  Todays topic is Yes moments.

We all like to know we are on the right track.

For the last sixteen months I have been blogging.  It began as a couple of ideas.  The first idea was to do a writing project about English sayings.  The second idea was to write about my faith on the internet.  The English project was something my daughter encouraged me to start.  As she is grown-up and away from home a blog seemed a good place to write.  She could choose whether to  visit it.  E-mails would have pestered her.

I approached a website to see if they were interested in my poetry, but heard nothing from the editor.

So I began to write the English blog, Sue’s considered trifles.   I realised many common expressions were to be found in the Bible.  I soon found a formula for my posts ending with a reference to the Bible.

Six months later I wanted to join in more with other bloggers and some of my posts did not really fit my blog.

After some digression where I responded to Daily Prompts, I realised I needed a second blog to diversify as a blogger and enjoy challenges, while continuing with my main project.  So I checked whether was available.  It was, so I snapped it up.  That was in March 2013.  I wrote a few posts, but not every Daily Prompt appeals to me, so I searched WordPress for other challenges.  I soon found out about Blogging from A to Z in April.  I was just in time to register for it!

I had a real sense that this was an opportunity to join with other bloggers and enjoy writing 26 posts in a month.  I decided to use each letter many times in each post.  I had already written two posts in this way, while I was deviating on my other blog.  (Do you roll your R’s? and Putting pen to paper.)

This was going to be fun!  I was really encouraged when the founder of the challenge, Arlee Bird, visited my blog during the first week and left a comment and a link to one of his blogs.  There were over 1500 participants in the challenge.

This gave me new impetus to continue with the challenge.  By the end of it I had begun to write posts ahead of time and schedule them.  I wrote a reflections post at the end of the challenge and grabbed the badge for the Road Trip, visiting the other blogs.  I have visited quite a few.

I was still writing for my main blog and publishing posts as soon as they were finished.  Since then I have worked to a posting schedule, which was a maximum of three times a week.  I found that twice a week was plenty and left me with enough spare time to write posts and schedule them in advance of any busy times.

Other special blogging events have come to my notice just in time.  Blog Action Day was one.  It was at this stage I decided to join Twitter.  Almost immediately I became aware of the UK Blog Awards.  I was interested, but did not like the idea of an entry fee.  It was through Twitter that I learned that entry was free.

Blog Every Day in November was another challenge I learned about just at the right time to register.  It felt like the last minute, but once I scrolled down to the bottom of the page (possibly on my third visit to it!) I found out what to do.

Another “Yes” moment came in real life recently.

I have mentioned the Bible study group I belong to in other posts.  At half term I went to a meeting of the group which had divided from our group and meets in a nearby town.  I am not doing the study of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life with them, but had read the book previously (four years before).  In the video which we watched, the first few points the speaker made were what I had written about in a post the previous day!  I felt that was confirmation that I had written the right thing and that I had made a good choice by attending the meeting and not just turning up for lunch.  I had also met some friends on the station on the way there and some more on the way back.

So, these moments encourage us.  Some of us regard them as confirmation that we have made a right choice.  We should be aware of them and give thanks.

I am also linking with Faithful Blogging prompt #101 as I did lose my way with my original blog and my way out of the problem was to start a second one.

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