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Blog Every Day in November is a challenge hosted by Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog.  The topic for today is Home sweet home.

This is an interesting topic.  I am not going to treat it as a virtual tour either in writing or pictures.  Instead I shall write the thoughts I had about what home means to me.

I lived in the same house for the first eighteen years of my life and then in the holidays while I was a student.  For a long time afterwards, that was the only house to feature in my dreams.  I knew other houses well.  I had spent one week every year for twenty years in my grandparents’ house.  I did occasionally dream about that, but it was always in the context of a passageway which did not exist!  Perhaps I was confusing fiction with a real place.

After that as a young married person, I moved a few times in a few years.  None of those addresses became the fabric of my dreams.  A place we lived for almost ten years did.  In fact I only began to dream about it after we had moved away.

When we had just moved here I went to the local Women’s Institute and one of the members said something wise about what home meant.  I cannot remember her exact words.  Something along the lines of bringing your home with you, perhaps.  It often is the responsibility of a wife and mother to set the atmosphere in the home.

While it is a great thing to have a comfortable home, our ultimate home is not in this world.  Philippians 3:20

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