Date night

Blog Every Day in November is a challenge hosted by Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog. Today’s topic is Date Night

On returning from our destination to the West, we stayed overnight in a hotel.  This was partly to give us a chance to recover from jet-lag and partly for reasons, which I’ll explain later.  It was a sort of date.  It was certainly a special date.  We had arrived back on my birthday!

After two weeks of company we had a few hours to ourselves.  We were able to enjoy a leisurely meal with a bottle of wine.  We had some conversation of our own, but listening to guests at neighbouring tables is sometimes entertaining too.  We had stayed at the same hotel the night before our flight out and been disappointed with the meal.  Had we not already booked, we might have thought again about revisiting this particular hotel.  However on this occasion we had no complaints.

For married grandparents like ourselves there should be no fantasising about ideal dates.

The next day we had a lunch date with our son and his family a short drive away.  (They had had my Mum staying with them overnight.  Our son had made a special journey to fetch her.   Then he had collected his wife and children from her brother’s and had spent a few more hours travelling home.)

So I had a pretend birthday with cards and presents!  After lunch we brought Mum home with us for a holiday.