World Television Day

Blog Every Day in November is a challenge hosted by Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog. Today’s topic is World Television Day.

World Television Day is about the use of television to promote understanding.  Television is able to cut across cultural divisions.

I grew up in a household without a television set.  My parents were of the opinion that television was a distraction from schoolwork.  My Dad always said that he would not buy a TV set until there was good colour TV.

As a result I did not develop a habit of watching television.  Also I was only able to listen when others talked about the programmes they had seen the night before.  My parents eventually bought a television while I was away from home as a student.

It was a colour one.  There was a funny story about it being delivered.  For some reason the delivery men confused the address.  We lived on the corner, but the van stopped a good distance along the road.  They carried the TV, which had built-in legs along the street in full view of anyone who might have been watching.  (At the time one of the neighbours was very nosey and talkative.)

My Mum thought it was a great joke, not being able to take delivery of a TV without half the neighbourhood knowing.

There are any number of things I prefer doing to watching TV.  The news is available on the radio and the internet.  There are good things about TV, which is surely the purpose of marking it with a Day, but there are many things I dislike about it.  Advertisements may make people more acquisitive and put pressure on parents to buy far more toys than any child needs.  It is not the fault of TV that people forget to switch it off after watching something interesting.  It can prevent people from having proper conversations.   In addition to this there is a lot of violence and aggression portrayed in drama.

I do not object to anyone relaxing by watching soap-operas, quiz shows, documentaries, or any other programmes.  What I object to is that some of the programmes project values which are not helpful to young people (or anyone else for that matter).

Perhaps on World Television Day we should all consider how the technology can be used for good.  Is there anything you would like to see change in the type or content of the programmes available?

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