My workspace

Blog Every Day in November is a challenge hosted by Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog.  Today’s prompt  is Your workspace.

I do not have a workspace as such.  Since I started using a laptop, I sit at the dining table at the end of our living/dining room.  From here I am able to see the rest of the room, the kitchen (through a large hatch) and the view from the window.

All these things are more interesting than watching me working.  Sorry – no photos!

When I am reading or writing I concentrate and may not notice what is being said to me.  At my side I have at least two notebooks.  One is almost entirely about my other blog and includes a list of posts and the date I posted them.  There is also an analysis I did of the traffic to them.  I was trying to find out whether the time or day of posting had any effect on the number of views.  It was inconclusive!

The other notebook has a list of topics for Blog Every Day in November as well as ideas for my other blog and my “to do” list.

When I am working on Sue’s considered trifles, I may also have a pile of books on the table.  These are any (or all) of the books listed on my References page.  I also refer to my copies of The Bible using the New International Version and the Authorised Version (otherwise known as the King James Version).  I mostly write from memory, but sometimes need to check my facts.

At meal-times all my blog-related clutter is tidied away.  Food and drink do not mix with computers!