World Kindness Day

Blog Every Day in November is a challenge hosted by Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog.  Today’s topic is World Kindness Day .

This challenge has made me aware of “Days” I’d never have imagined.  I hadn’t heard of National Stress Awareness Day, which has been marked for fifteen years.

Now we have World Kindness Day since 1999.  I hope no-one thinks it is OK to be kind only on one day in the year!

The idea seems to be to raise awareness of ways in which kindness may be shown and to be kind whenever the opportunity arises.

The UK project is to send kind texts to people on World Kindness Day.

I am rather old-fashioned.  I prefer to send someone a pretty card.  They may throw it away, but they won’t delete it to make room for more incoming messages!

A friend gave me a packet of note-cards with the words:

In this great big world you make a difference

followed by some words from Genesis about blessing.   (Part of Genesis 12:2)

I have made a list of people I intend to encourage with these cards.  I have already entrusted one to Royal Mail – addressed to a retired bishop!  (If a bishop cannot make a difference I don’t know who can!  I hope he was amused and not offended.)

Another Blogger has set up a blog to encourage people to behave nicely.

Do have a look at what is going on over on her new blog.

Kindness is an attitude we all need to cultivate.  I know I am naturally rather spiteful.  I am having to learn to be kind.  In my favour, I was a founder member of a “Be kind to …” group at primary school, which set out to include a classmate, who was being shunned through no fault of his own.

At its best kindness is an expression of love.  Little acts of kindness make the world a happier place.    Were you a Girl Guide or a Boy Scout looking to do a good turn every day?  What can you do today?

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