Outside my comfort zone

Today the prompt for Blog Every Day in November is to do something different, possibly outside our comfort zone.  My blog is fairly varied already, so I am not tempted to try a different blogging topic here.

Rather I shall tell a story, which will probably make you laugh at my expense – something I find uncomfortable!

It is about a recent culinary disaster.  I have been married for decades and have cooked countless meals.  This one was impossible to eat.

I mentioned the other day that hubby does the food shopping.  A few months ago he bought a jar of sauce with a Chinese name and no suggested recipe.

We had some cooked chicken, which I was going to heat up in sauce.  I chose the untried jar.  When I opened it, I didn’t like the look of it and was not too keen on the smell.  I took it to my husband and he smelled it and declared it good.  So I tipped the entire contents into a saucepan with some fried onion (as I do with korma or curry sauce) added the chopped chicken, heated it thoroughly and served it with boiled rice.  It looked a most unappetising shade of dark brown.

We began to eat.  Hubby mixed all his rice with it before he started.  I did try to eat it, but it was very salty and it made me heave.  I ate my rice.  Hubby gave up.

Then I cooked a cheese omelette, which we ate with bread.

The next time I spoke to Mum on the phone I told her we had done something we didn’t usually do.  We had thrown away some food!

I explained what had happened.  while I was speaking I picked up the jar, which still had its label attached.  (We are saving it for a friend who makes jam and chutney.)  It was only then that I spotted the nutritional information, which was per serving.  A serving was 1 tablespoon!  It was in very small print.  I had used the entire contents of the jar!  The only other information was:-

Perfect for cooking flesh and fowls.  Refrigerate after opening.

Have you ever made a meal that could not be eaten?  What happened?