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Today’s topic for Blog Every day in November is to write about Blogging.

As Blogging is my most time-consuming occupation at present, I seem to have plenty to say about it.  It is fun!  I learn something new every day, either from other parts of the blogosphere or from the research I do for my writing.

My approach to blogging is to set up a Word document in which I write the draft for a post.  Then if anything goes wrong, I have not lost everything I wrote.  I copy and paste it into my New Post window on WordPress and set up extra links and deal with details of formatting.  It is strange how I only notice some of my typing errors at the preview post stage (or even later!)

I am still learning about social media.  I began blogging as a way of allowing my daughter to read what I wrote if she wished to.  I had no idea it involved social networking!  I dived in and set up my first blog.  Within months I realised I’d be better off with two!  This second one now has a few more posts than the first one due to my posting schedules.

I have written about blogging in a number of posts on this blog and have beeen a guest blogger (tab above links to a list of other places to find my musings).

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