A day in the life

Elizabeth’s topic for today’s post for Blog Every Day in November is A Day in the Life.

This poses a problem for me.  Every day in my week has a different routine.  When I am at home, my weekly routines are all similar.

So which day should I write about?

Or should I just concentrate on the things I do every day?

I know – I’ll tell you about my busiest day of the week and put the things I do every day in a different colour to paint a wider picture.

When I get up in the morning I spend about 20 minutes in a Quiet Time.  I read the Bible and some notes about the passage.  I pray, using a prayer diary and my own notebook.  I read a psalm and I sometimes make a note of something I am thankful to God for.

Then I switch on my laptop and check my emails and my favourite sites, reading blog posts which have appeared in my WordPress Reader and replying to any comments on my own blogs.  How much I manage to do before breakfast is governed by the time I get out of bed!

Meanwhile hubby has prepared breakfast.  After breakfast I get washed and dressed.

On the busy day there may still be enough time to use the computer again before leaving the house to go to a nearby town.

Here hubby and I go in different directions.  I do a voluntary job for a couple of hours and he does the food shopping and any other errands he requires.  (I sometimes fit errands of my own into the trip.)

We return home to unpack the shopping and have lunch, which I prepare.

After lunch with the radio news on, I switch my laptop on again and try to use my time on it efficiently.

Then I walk to the church hall where the embroidery group meets.  We embroider items to beautify the church.  At present we are doing some canvas work.  I really enjoy this.  Part way through the afternoon we stop for a cup of tea and a biscuit.  We chat a bit while we work too.

I walk part of the way home with the others who live in the same direction, but I walk up the hill alone.

I probably switch my computer on again until it is time to cook the evening meal.

On this day of the week we choose something easy and quick to make.  Every other week I go out again in the evening to the craft group, which I have mentioned in some earlier posts.  I usually take my knitting or another project, which I am working on.  We spend two hours  working and chatting in a room below another church. A few of us also belong to the embroidery group.  Here is a project I did at the craft group.  It is my most viewed post on this blog.

Several of us set off home together afterwards.

I might do more knitting at home before bedtime.  At bedtime I usually read a passage from the Bible to hubby.  I find I take more of it in when I read aloud.

So that is my busy day.  Fortunately the following day is one of the quietest in my week!