National Stress Awareness Day

Elizabeth’s suggested topic for today’s Blog Every Day in November post is National Stress Awareness Day

I am all too aware of stress, but many people are not.

In the physical world stress and strain are related by mathematical formulae.  Even metals can break if exposed to too much or the wrong sort of pressure!

When people are under pressure they may become physically or mentally ill.  If the illness is debilitating, they are then removed from the original stress-inducing situation into another where inactivity brings stresses of its own.

Stress and pressure are not bad things.  People perform best with a certain sense of urgency, such as deadlines or examination dates or having to prepare for a scheduled event, whether it is a concert, a party or packing in time to go away.

In my view it is uncertainty which causes people the most anxiety.  Situations where we just don’t know what is going to happen and how we will have to adjust can be very stressful.

Different people deal with stress in different ways.

An important way of coping is to know when to say, “No.”  Many people are afraid of being considered unhelpful, awkward or unco-operative.  On the other hand many requests made to us are unreasonable.  Distinguishing between things we can do easily and those which will cause us undue stress is something which may take time to learn.  At different times in our lives we may be able to cope with all sorts of demands, which may have been impossible for us at an earlier stage.

People with stressful jobs need to be able to use their leisure time to reduce their stress-levels.  Activities which may help include cooking, listening to music, watching television, reading, computer games, board games, card games, sport, socialising with friends from various backgrounds.

I find that it is important to keep my mind occupied with useful creative activities.  I do puzzles, knit, sew, read, study the Bible, socialise, pray, make music and blog –  not necessarily all in the same day or in that order of priorities!

There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence that blogging is good for us!  One website which recommends it is Time to Change.

Posts on my other blog which relate to stress include What are you worrying about? Decisions, decisions Don’t get worked up about it! and Breath-taking.

How stressful is your life?  What do you do to reduce your stress levels?

It is my prayer that you will know the peace of God which passes all understanding.  (Philippians 4:7)

6 thoughts on “National Stress Awareness Day

  1. I really believe my mental illness is largely a stress disorder. I was always told when I was little I could do anything I set my mind to and believed it. Then I was told to go into engineering. I did it. I succeeded at getting a high end degree only to loose my sanity a few times. I come closest to it happening again when pressure is put on me. Fortunately, I found a programming job that has very few demands (or I’m given a lot of time to fulfill them.)


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